19 June 2013

FsCheck 0.9 Released and moved to GitHub

FsCheck has a new home on GitHub. I wanted to move to GitHub for a while, because it’s where all the cool kids hang out, and @carstkoenig gave me the necessary push. I hope the barrier for contributions is now low enough to get you to chip in if you feel like it, and simplifies the life of existing contributors. (Not that I’m complaining. You’ve been great.)

As for the long overdue release - a significant portion of contributions didn’t come from me.

Here are the highlights of the change log:

  • New generators for KeyValuePair, IList, ICollection, Action, Func, decimal (@mausch) and sbyte (@jackfoxy).
  • Finally compiled against FSharp.Core 4.3 (no more binding redirect. Yay.)
  • FsCheck.Xunit now allows you to replay a certain test by pasting in the seed from the output in the PropertyAttribute’s Replay property. This should help with debugging:
  • FsCheck.Xunit also allows defining ArbitraryAttribute on an enclosing module or type now – the given Arbitrary instances are then available for all properties in the type or module. But you can still override them if you define one on a specific property. 
        module ModuleWithArbitrary =
            let ``should use Arb instances from enclosing module``(underTest:float) =
                underTest <= 0.0
            [<Property( Arbitrary=[| typeof<TestArbitrary1> |] )>]
            let ``should use Arb instance on method preferentially``(underTest:float) =
                underTest >= 0.0

Hope you enjoy.

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