15 February 2010

FsCheck 0.6.3 for Visual Studio 2010 RC and F# February 2010 CTP

A new release of F# means a new release of FsCheck.

  • Removed the dependency on the F# PowerPack. This makes FsCheck easier to use, especially since the PowerPack is now  separately distributed. Besides, it was only used to pretty print functions.
  • Cleaned up reflective generators a bit.
  • All projects are upgraded to build with Visual Studio 2010 now. For backwards compatibility, I’ve added an FsCheck2008.sln solution which allows you to build in Visual Studio 2008 with the February 2010 CTP. You’ll get a warning from MSBuild saying that ToolsVersion 4.0 is not supported and that it is treating the build as a 3.5 build. Good – that’s exactly what you want. FsCheck is still targeting .NET3.5 until .NET4 is out.


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