06 March 2009

FsCheck on Ohloh

I found out about Ohloh  recently and decided to play around with it by adding FsCheck. From FsCheck’s Ohloh page we learn that:

  • it’s mostly written in Make. Uhm, what?
  • it has a short source control history (that’s right: I do all my local development using Mercurial, and only export to codeplex on release)
  • it has a single active developer (I’m not single, I have a lovely wife!)
  • it has very few source code comments (I didn’t put any comments in the Makefile. Sorry.)

It seems that the appraisal of an open source project can not be replaced by a small shell script…

Anyway, it’s nice to see how many related projects there are (and how many projects in general). If you’re in the neighborhood, come say hi, add a rating, add a user, whatever…

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  1. It looks like the enlistment (link to source code repo) was removed...

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Seems like it lost track when I changed the codeplex repository from Subversion to Mercurial. I've added it again now.

    And thanks for being the first user :)